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Measure Return on Investment

with Kudos Analytics

Maximise your return on investment, measure adoption and usage patterns to focus adoption strategies. Know which components of Connections are working well and where you can improve.

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Encourage User Adoption

of IBM Connections

Kudos Badges can transform and accelerate organisations usage of IBM Connections by encouraging adoption and engagement so users leverage the full capability the social platform.

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Recognise Colleagues for Great Work

with Kudos Thanks

Peer to peer recognition within IBM Connections lets staff call out great work anytime - no wait for the next review, lets others see the recognition and add their congratulations.

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Drives Sustained Performance

across the full capability of IBM Connections

Leveraging Reward & Recognition, Kudos Badges encourages sustained adoption and user engagement resulting in better utilization of your investment in IBM Connections.

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Level Up!

with Kudos Leaderboard

Its amazing what a little friendly competition does. Kudos Leaderboards track both the quantity of contribution but also importantly the quality of that contribution, and displays these ranks to all peers.

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Kudos Boards

Visualize Activities. Gain Productivity

with Kudos Boards

Activities are awesome however they just got better! Increase user productivity and adoption of Activities thru the visualization of Activities as Boards. Bring Kanban Boards to IBM Connections.

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Reward Great Staff

with Kudos Awards

Manage your Staff Awards Program from within Connections. Recognize Achievements, Certifications, Milestones and more. Customizable to suit any workplace!

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Built for IBM Connections

by IBM Connection experts

Kudos has been developed by the IBM award winning IBM Connections experts - ISW - with a mission to value-add your Connections investment. Challenge us with your Connections project!

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'Best of Show CTO Award'

IBM Connect 2013

In 2013 Kudos & ISW won the Best of Show Chief Technology Officer Award and the Innovation in Social Business Award at IBM Connect in Orlando Florida, USA.

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Kudos Suite Features and Components

Kudos Badges


Encourage adoption and engagement

Kudos Analytics


Measure adoption and R.O.I.

Kudos Awards


Reward and recognition

Kudos Boards


Make Activities visual and valuable with Kanban Boards

Customer Testimonials See what people are saying about Kudos

"Kudos is the critical missing element to IBM Connections user adoption. It's the disruptive innovation that IBM should have built into Connections"

Bruce Elgort Bruce Elgort / @belgort

"I am hugely excited by ISW's work in this area and can't wait to deploy it in our customers' Connections environments"

Stuart McIntyre Stuart McIntyre / @StuartMcIntyre

"Today, proud of our 10,000 users, we have decided to boost this evolution by implementing Kudos Badges by ISW"

Lucile Leclercq Lucile Leclercq / @LucileLeclercq
For the 4th consecutive year, IDC rates IBM Connections the No.1 Social Business Platform // At IBM Connect Kudos won Best Social Software Solution, Best of Show & CTO Award. // Learn More